Advertisement Rate

TypeDimensions (Pixels- W x H)Max File WeightPer Day RatePer Month Rate
Leader Board1200 x 100100 kb16,0004,80,000
Full Banner-1790 x 70100 kb15,0004,50,000
Full Banner-2790 x 70100 kb13,0003,90,000
Full Banner-3790 x 70100 kb13,0003,90,000
Full Banner-4790 x 70100 kb13,0003,90,000
Half Banner-01388 x 7050 kb6,5001,95,000
Half Banner-02388 x 7050 kb6,5001,95,000
Half Banner-03388 x 7050 kb6,5001,95,000
Half Banner-04388 x 7050 kb6,5001,95,000
Half Banner-05388 x 7050 kb6,5001,95,000
Half Banner-06388 x 7050 kb6,5001,95,000
Right Side Panel-01260 x 15030 kb5,0001,50,000
Right Side Panel-02260 x 15030 kb5,0001,50,000
Right Side Panel-03260 x 15030 kb5,0001,50,000
Right Side Panel-04260 x 15030 kb5,0001,50,000
Right Side Panel-05260 x 15030 kb5,0001,50,000
Right Top Banner260 x 26050 kb9,0002,70,000
Right Middle Banner260 x 26050 kb7,0002,10,000
Right Footer Banner260 x 26050 kb6,0001,80,000

Supported Format: JPEG, GIF & SWF


* For International client rate will be converted to USD on applicable on Particular dealing time.